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The REISSWOLF logo itself is formed by wolf head silhouette and the word WOLF in the company title is also obvious.

On August 30th 2004, REISSWOLF employees in Kralupy nad Vltavou became adoptive parents of the EURASIAN WOLF. You can see this wolf in the zoo in Prague. The REISSWOLF logo itself is formed by wolf head silhouette and the word WOLF in the company title is also obvious.

Class: Mammals, Order: Predators, Family: Canidae

Geographical distribution: Once coherently in Europe and Asia, currently exterminated in many locations (search: Asia, Europe).

Biotope: It is very flexible to various environments – inhabits forested landscape as well as bare plains of tundra (search: tundra, conifer forest, broadleaved and mixed forest).

Feed: It hunts for ungulates and small rodents, it also does not contempt for fruits or trash (search: carrions, live kill)

Size: Body length 100-160 cm, tail length 30-50 cm, crest height up to 100 cm, weight 30-80 kg

Reproduction: Female gives birth to 4-7 whelps of 300-500 g after 61-63 days of pregnancy. This takes place in a den, cavern or under an overhanging rock. Whelps are taken care of by both parents, and later by all members of the kennel.

Age: In natural conditions, they live up to 10 years, in zoos up to 20 years.

Objects of interest: It is one of the subclasses of the timber wolf that ranges in different colours from grey-white to black in various environments in Europe, Asia and North America.

Where you can find it: There is a parent couple in a new spacious outlet in the upper ZOO section - male Lobo and female Boja. First whelps were born in spring 2002.
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